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Welcome to KoolHeads


Hello, at KoolHeads we can help you and your business grow through effective social media, engaging presentations and developing your personal and business skills.

To do this, KoolHeads likes to take the time to understand what you and your business wants to achieve. So please feel free to contact us to find the best way for KoolHeads to develop your skills and your business’s full potential. 

Below are the ways that KoolHeads can help you.          

Social media conversation

Personal Social Media Management

Are you looking to create a successful social media presence for yourself and your business? KoolHeads will develop your personal or small business social media strategy across all the important social media platforms. We'll show you how to create engaging, topical and relevant content, clever ways to post it and then monitor its effectiveness.

KoolHeads aims to work with you so closely with you that after about 3-6 months you’ll be confident enough to be able to do it yourself (but we’ll still help if you want us to…)



Presentation Training and Coaching

Would you like to create compelling, engaging and effective presentations? KoolHeads believes that presenting is a skill that can be learnt and good planning and practice can help anyone become a successful presenter.  KoolHeads will deliver a practical training session tailored to your particular needs.

KoolHeads covers topics such as choosing the right the content to create a strong 'story', the effective use of images and graphs and the best way to deliver your presentation to your audience.



Personal and Health Coaching

Speech bubbles

How would developing your leadership skills, career aspirations or confidence levels benefit you privately and at work? KoolHeads delivers career and business skills coaching that will help you flourish.

Or are you looking to improve your health and wellbeing through living a healthier lifestyle? KoolHeads personal health and wellbeing coaching explores ways for you to lead a healthier life and will show you how to create the a lifestyle that supports your health goals

KoolHeads can provide fully accredited experienced coaches to support you archive your ambitions, aspirations and goals.


Business Productivity & Wellbeing

Picture how your business would operate with lower absenteeism, increased productivity and an improvement in engagement and motivation that prevented presenteeism. KoolHeads can implement an online health and wellbeing programme supported by in-house training and coaching that will increase your staff’s wellbeing and that supports your businesses objectives regarding increasing staff engagement and productivity

Now imagine that you could achieve this with a measurable return on investment; at KoolHeads we like to show you how your investment in us helps your business grow.


KoolHealth Coaching Platform

Are you a personal or business coach looking for a new way to engage with new and existing clients? The KoolHealth coaching platform gives coaches an opportunity to explore, discover and achieve their client’s health goals and aspirations in a safe and confidential environment. KoolHealth is based on sound scientific evidence so you don’t need to have specific health experience.

KoolHeads will set up and train you how to use the online KoolHealth platform so you can begin to offer a new and exciting opportunity to your private and business clients.